The Collingswood Paid Fire Department went into service April 1, 1926 with the following men appointed by Mayor E. Knebel.

Chief Carter

Battalion Chief Dewes-Corrain

Captain G. Foster

Carl J. Greenwood

Russell Bickler

Hubert Devoe

Harry Albertson

Walter Young

Richard Keckhut

These members were divided into three platoons, stationed at the Borough’s two fire stations. They were tasked with maintenance of the apparatus and stations. Some of their responsibilities included traffic duty at the Borough schools, fire prevention and inspections and answering fire calls. They also burned off grass at vacant lots to prevent out of control brush fires that may extend to residences

Although the fire service and responsibilities have changed since then, the Collingswood Fire Department still performs all of these functions, along with the added responsibilities that are called upon us.

In February of 1998 the Department grew to 10 members with the added responsibility of providing property maintenance inspections in the Borough. This service went hand in hand with the fire prevention inspections that we were already performing.

On May 20, 2002 the Department grew to 17 members with the addition of the responsibility of providing 24/7 coverage of emergency medical services. These members were cross trained in firefighting to have the department conform to national and state standards of staffing.

The Department currently is staffed at 17 members that are dedicated to providing the great services that the residents, merchants and visitors have come accustomed to.