Emergency Medical Services

Collingswood EMS is staffed 24/7/365 by firefighter/EMTs. There is always one Basic Life Support ambulance on duty. We pride ourselves on professional, courteous service to the residents, merchants and visitors of Collingswood.

There are times when a fire engine, ambulance, paramedic SUV unit and police show up for an emergency. The fire engine is there to assist the ambulance with life threatening treatment. The police go to every fire and EMS call for service in the Borough to support us and ensure our safety. The paramedic unit provides advanced life support treatment by giving medications and other life saving treatment. The ambulance assists the paramedics and provides transport to the hospital emergency room.

If you call for emergency medical services our unit is on location within five minutes from dispatch if they are not on another call. There are times when a surrounding town’s ambulance will arrive at your home, when Collingswood’s ambulance is engaged on another emergency.

Collingswood ambulance will transport you during an emergency to one of the local hospitals, which include Our Lady of Lourdes, Cooper University Hospital and Kennedy Cherry Hill. The reason we encourage transport to these hospitals is the fact that when there is an emergency, the best treatment is provided at a hospital immediately. Another reason is that it provides us a quicker turnaround time to be available for other emergency calls.

To support our services and allow us to provide a professional staff with modern equipment, the Borough of Collingswood bills for emergency transport to the hospital. The bill goes directly to you insurance company for payment. We offer a membership program, which would cover any cost that is not paid by your insurance company or if you do not have insurance. To obtain the membership form, please visit our Downloads page.

When Should I call 911 for an ambulance?

If you experience the following, please call 911 immediately :

  • Severe chest pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Not breathing
  • Choking
  • Severe or uncontrollable bleeding
  • Seizures or Diabetic emergencies
  • Unconsciousness

By calling the ambulance for a non emergency ties up the emergency system and units and may prevent us from answering a true emergency. If at any time you feel you need immediate medical attention, DO NOT HESITATE to call 911.